Gamifying Research

We developed an online game to measure natural selection on squirrel coloration. We measure how long it takes a participant to find and click on gray and black squirrels in 36 random scenes. We "gamified" data collection for university researchers that directly measures the selection pressures on squirrels. The Shiny application is a complex mix of randomization, data collection and storage -- but it is fun to play!

Interactive Maps

Where are you? Where should you go? An interactive trail map can help everyone figure out answers. This mapping project required gathering GPS "trails" by walking almost 50 miles. The application displays trail names, lengths and elevation changes dynamically, all displayed on top of topographic and satellite imagery.

Informing through Cartography

An interactive map of fatal car accidents in the US was developed to promote awareness and gain new members for an advocacy group. An accompanying report, that combines Census and other government data, provides an informative and engaging experience.

Research and Writing

Dr. Pfleger wrote two chapters in the often-cited book 50 Myths and Lies That Threaten America's Public Schools. One chapter investigates whether our nation’s economy is suffering because the education system is not producing enough scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. The other investigates the belief that education will lift the poor out of poverty and materially enrich our entire nation.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a dashboard is at least worth 2,000! We've created dozens of interactive dashboards for education and marketing clients. This one focused on online marketing efforts and helps optimize spending. Ambitious Analytics wrote scripts to update the dashboard programatically through scripts that pull together dozens of data sources.